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Welcome to The Blaker Girls Livejournal Community! It is moderated by blakergirl and expatiates. This community is very laid back and the people are awesome. There isn't much need for rules or enforcement but here are just a few for reference.

Here are a few "rules".
1. Please respect your fellow posters! This community is for everyone, so let's make it fun for all. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but please use common sense when posting!

2. Put spoiler-ish info behind an lj-cut! This is important - sometimes people on the west coast (or who haven't had a chance to watch things yet) don't want to know every detail before things go down.

How to do an lj-cut:

(lj-cut text="this is what I want to title the link you click on")

this is all my spoilery info


replace the ()'s with <>'s and you're good to go!

3. Because one of the primary goals of this community is to support Blake as an artist, no sharing of music files that are available for purchase will be tolerated in the community. We realize that illegal music downloads are a fact of life, but nonetheless: not here.

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